Gifts For 60th Birthday

Gifts For 60th Birthday


Are you looking for Gifts for 60th Birthday? 60 is a BIG milestone and is a magic number to reach and a great excuse to have a BIG party! Celebrate the big 6-0 with these 60th birthday party ideas that showcase how SUPER the guest of honor is.


The Gifts For 60th Birthday – Country Themed Party

Country themed party is one of the top gifts for 60th birthday. My dad loves country and western music, so we threw him a surprise country themed party. We had a DJ with country music and made it the fancy dress with cowboy hats and guns. We put packs of cards and things on the tables as cheap decorations. And we managed to get these like barrel shaped plant pots that we lined with tin foil and filled with nachos and placed on top of the table.
Then for a buffet, we had unusual things like sausage and beans in baked potatoes. We also had cookies and brownies as sweets. Everyone commented on how great night it was and the photos were beautiful as so many people were dressed with checked hats and shirts.
If you can, you can put together a scrapbook of his life and have people featured in the photos write personal messages/comments (you could have these emailed or send by the regular postal service to you in advance, and you could print them out and stick them in)?
You could decorate white table cloths on the tables with dates or photographs of milestones in your dad’s life. Could you also get a friend or family member with a decent camera take a group shot on the night and have this blown up on a photo canvas for your dad to put up at home?

Trivia Night Ideas

Here are details about trivia night ideas.You could also organize trivia quizzes based on 50’s – e.g. show clips of famous tv shows/films and play 50s tracks and challenge teams to identify songs/artists. You could also have the 50s themed karaoke.

Make A Photobook

Make a photobook is also one of the top 60th birthday gift ideas. For my dad’s 60th birthday I did a photobook for him (this is one of the 60 birthday party ideas for those celebrating reaching 60 years of age) that was like a This Is Your Life book and included a biography at the front then various pictures of his 10 children and 20 grandchildren in birth date order (we all had 2 pages each). I just started jotting things down over the months before his birthday and also lead some conversations to find out things I wanted to know (like why they had 10 children who were unusual for a family with such a little income – results was I found out my grandmother wanted a boy, and my auntie was an accident, something she never knew haha). We also had a meal with 40 members of the family and his friends, and we did a quiz, and all the questions were related to my dad.

Let your party location dictate your activities. Include pictures in a “Then and Now” format, or do a “Looking Back, and Looking Forward” which includes place’s the guest of honor want to go see, or things he or she intends to do after 60.
Another thing that we can give him is this beautifully bound book takes the recipient through those memorable and important news stories and worldwide moments shown in iconic photographs, from every year of their life, starting from the day they were born!
Not only is it a fantastic gift but it’s a fantastic way of taking the recipient down memory lane, where they can remember where they were and how they felt when those world-stopping moments occurred! They will flick through this book in awe as they relive their wonderful life, they will also love showing their friends and family members too!
This unique book also features the front cover of the newspaper of their date of the birth inside, making this an extra special gift for those big landmark birthdays! This stunning book can be personalized with the recipient’s name of up to 20 characters and their birth date which appears in beautiful gold embossing on the front cover of the book.
With an option to write a personal message appearing on the first page, it’s a chance for you to write a loving message saying what you want to say to the recipient, making something for them to look back on time and time again along with the rest of this keepsake book!
Hire a DJ or band to rock the dance floor if you have space and budget for it. Include the guest of honor’s favorite tunes, or just a great dance mix that will get everyone out of their chairs to celebrate!
Make sure your guests know your plan and ask them to bring a favorite story to tell. You can do a celebrity roast format where a variety of guests get “on stage” to poke fun at the star of the show. They know all the secret little stories, but they also know where to draw the line.
The birthday cake is the most important element of the celebration. Here are some “60 birthday party ideas” to organize a mind blowing birthday cake.

60th Birthday Cake Ideas

In case you want to learn more, here are the 60th birthday cake ideas for you.

• A sporty cake, based on the theme of a favorite sports game would add fun to the party. The shape of football, a cricket ball or a bat, etc. would be cool enough to impress.
• A cake designed as number ’60’ would be a good choice with 60 shimmering candles all around the cake.
• A cake of the shape of a car or a sports bike would be an interesting idea.
• A simple square or round shaped cake with a heart touching quote would be a good theme for a birthday cake.
Memorable occasions do not come our way every day. The 60th birthday is one time that needs to be celebrated in such a way that it is remembered for life. This is an opportunity which we get to share our happiness with close relatives and friends.
Needs and taste change with time!’ It is important to make your mom or dad feel how much you understand them.

If it is the one, your dad or mom is looking for, gifts for 60th birthday ideas are immense but would serve its worth. Whether cheap or expensive, the intentions behind presenting a gift are important than the gift itself.
Legends have well defined the seven stages of life since our birth. These steps start with the happy times of childhood, pass through the confusion stage, the exploring stage, the planning stage and finally enter the tutor stage. BirthdayGifts For 60th Birthday60th Birthday Cake Ideas,Country Themed Party,Gifts for 60th birthday,Make A Photobook,Trivia Night IdeasGifts For 60th Birthday   Are you looking for Gifts for 60th Birthday? 60 is a BIG milestone and is a magic number to reach and a great excuse to have a BIG party! Celebrate the big 6-0 with these 60th birthday party ideas that showcase how SUPER the guest of...It's all about the 60th birthday party celebration ideas.